When you think of fresh air, positive thoughts fill your mind. Going outside and enjoying nature. Inhaling clean air free of any contaminants. You may not think of your own home, though.

Is Your Home Dangerous for Your Health?

When we think of dirty air, we think of the industrial park, or a city crowded with cars. Rarely do we think of the place where we lay our heads to rest as a haven for unhealthy air. However, this may be the case. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, indoor air is more unhealthy than outdoor air, as much as 100x unhealthier!


How can this be? Well, dust and other particles can contaminate your home, as well as mold and mildew. If you haven’t been taking care of your home, it can make you sick. Whenever you leave home, do your allergies get better? If so, your home may need to be cleaned.


Doing a dusting and vacuuming of your home may be all you need to improve the air quality in your house, but if that doesn’t work, it may be the air quality in general in your home. You may need to add fresh air to your HVAC system.

Does Your Home Provide Enough Fresh Air?

Your air conditioner and heater take in air from around your home and push it out as either cooled or heated. However, it’s the same air being recirculated. It is important that you add a little fresh air to the process. Has your home been a little dusty lately? Are you coughing and struggling to keep everything well-dusted? It may be because your home needs some fresh air. When your home needs more air, it tends to pull the air from other sources. This, in turn, causes your home to be filled with dirty, contaminated air.


Putting fresh air in your ducts brings some balance to your air, keeping it dust-free.

Most Homes Are Airtight These Days

Homes are much more insulated than the days of your grandparents. You have insulation packed into your attics, all the cracks and drafts are sealed to perfection, and homes are generally more airtight.


This can be a good thing; no one wants freezing cold air entering their home during winter, and you don’t want heat coming in during a hot day either. However, an airtight home comes with a price, and the price is you having to worry about adding fresh air into your home.

Consider Installing a Fresh Air Vent

Look around your home. Does it have any sort of vent to allow fresh air to enter the home? If so, inspect the vent and make sure it’s working properly. If not, a professionally installed fresh air vent may be something that is worth checking out.

Be Sure to Properly Maintain Your HVAC system!

To get the most out of your fresh air ventilation, you need to make sure you are regularly maintaining your unit. Cleaning your ducts of any dust and debris, while needed every once in awhile, won’t make your air clean. Instead, check your air filters. Do they look dirty? If so, replace the filters right away.


Look at the unit outside your home. Give the fan, the coils, and all the other parts a good dusting. A dirty unit can contaminate the air in your home, and thus reduce the chances of you getting fresh air.

Still Unsure? Call a Professional!

If you feel like there’s not enough fresh air in your home, and nothing you are doing seems to help, contact a professional installer today! We will be able to figure out what the problem is, what you can do to solve it, and give you an estimate as to how much it may cost. A professional will be able to add a fresh air intake to your home and substantially improve indoor air quality. It will improve allergies, and can make you healthier in general.

Add a fresh air intake to your home today, and you’ll be impressed with the improvement of your indoor air quality.


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