Winter is here, in East Tennessee and most of us are doing our best to keep warm in what feels like freezing temperatures. One popular and inexpensive solution is using a space heater to heat small spaces instead of a large central system to heat the entire home or office space. Here are some quick safety tips to make sure you’re able to heat your home safely and stay warm and healthy this winter.

First off, the most important thing to remember is to never use a gas heater in an enclosed space. Ever. These are only meant for outdoor use. Using a gas heater inside your home office could cause some serious problems – specifically injury or death. Gas heaters must be properly vented to the outdoors.

A better alternative to gas heaters would be ductless units. Ductless units are gaining popularity each year due to their economic running costs, effectiveness, and the ability to heat large spaces than a floor unit. In addition to this, they also cool spaces in the summertime with air-conditioning settings. If that sounds like a reasonable solution for you, make sure to contact Mr. Cool Heating & Air, LLC.

If the space you need to heat is small enough for a consumer model space heater, make sure the unit you purchase has at least one of two specific features (preferably both): tip-over and overheat protection. A heater equipped with tip-over protection will automatically shut itself off when knocked over, reducing the risk of a fire. Likewise, heaters with overheat protection will shut off automatically when unsafe temperatures are detected within the internal components.

Another important safety tip: No matter what type of heater you choose to use this winter, always keep the unit away from any curtains, decorations (keep it away from that Christmas tree), clothing and power cords. The heat from the unit can cause nearby items to overheat, melt or even catch fire. Also, if you have any children or pets, always take the time to make sure they are safe around this appliance.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so when in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Stay safe this holiday season and stay warm!

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